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The HERO defines the class of ultralight high performance. High top speed and best climbing characteristics with precise handling

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HERO – Ultralight High Performance!

  • Powerful, compact and easy starting at only 2.9 kg.
  • Normally, a light wing is derived from an already existing model. The HERO, on the other hand, treads different paths: it has been completely redesigned from the drawing board in order to use each individual component efficiently and with optimized weight.
  • Developed for the combination of Hike & Fly and XC, the HERO is the most attractive choice for competition pilots, bivouac adventurers and back country trailers.
  • Especially in competitions or XC-Hike & Fly combinations, the HERO plays all its strengths.
  • With only 2.9kg and an unbelievably small pack size it is perfect for every ambitious Hike & Fly route pilot and / or bivouac lover.
  • But even on normal cross-country flights, the HERO can show its performance and take you a long way!
  • With only 59 cells at a strain of 6.95, we have been able to prove that performance is not just down to how many more cells can be obstructed.
  • The Stabilo has received a completely new shape, which resembles a winglet. This improves the roll damping and in combination with the Vortex Holes it positively influences the turbulence at the wing tip.
  • By developing a new profile, which creates more buoyancy, the surface was kept compact and at the same time the climbing characteristics and the handling characteristics were perfected.
  • In order to achieve high end-speed, the HERO was certified with EN-D. In practical terms, the HERO flies perfectly balanced, with precise and agile handling – a package that gives you confidence, even in turbulent conditions.


Construction & Features

To reduce the resistance of the HERO got a new linen Lay Out: It is a 3-line, but not in the conventional sense. The positions of the hanging points harmonize with the construction, additional “straps” or “wires” could be dispensed with altogether. Only 2 lines per side (on ABC) also reduce the total length of the line. Controlling the HERO in flight with the B-risers works great with the new B / C-Control.

Other benefits of lightweight construction include improvements in performance and safety.
Wires are installed in the HERO only on the nose, which makes it very easy to pack the umbrella. In addition, the umbrella comes with a compact and lightweight inner packsack.

Double mini-A-linen in combination with a shark nose design give the HERO very high stability – especially when accelerated. The glider has a wide speed range optimized for high end speed with best glide


  • Weight-optimized construction
  • Vortex holes
  • 3D Cut
  • Mini-Ribs
  • Razor Edge
  • Unarmed Beleinung
  • Weight-optimized straps
  • 50/50 lightweight inner packsack



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