Student Focus – Milly

At Rise Paragliding we don’t have customers we have family members. This week we introduce Milly Wallace, Known to many as the Paragliding Pixie she certainly adds some magic to our courses, she’s a full time Paragliding Instructor in the…

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Video Update – Stalls

Our instructors are not only full time pilots but also first class content creators. This week we recap our instructors Theo and Cesar’s videos on Stalls, an essential skill to master at the start of your acro career.If you’re planning…

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Student Focus – Mette

At Rise Paragliding we don’t have customers we have family members. This week we introduce Mette Gere who joined our family in our first year and has returned every year since. Mette’s progress is something we’re very proud of.We love…

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Product Focus – Acro 4

Why we recommend it Jack’s opinion : Easily the most popular Acro harness in the business, comfortable, strong and durable. When out with us in Turkey one thing that’s often not considered is availability of spare rescue handles, these are…

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Instructor update – Cesar

Cesar is our newest instructor joining us in 2022. Hailing from Colombia he’s a full time Paragliding Pilot, competing in the Acro World Championships and developing new products with manufacturers. Full of charm Cesar has a voice and manner that…

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Martin BurkeMartin Burke
09:59 08 Jun 24
I booked RISE in order to do my first SIV and the question is, why? Why RISE? Clearly RISE is very different; for a start, you are taught by the leading Acro pilots in the world who are at the very top of their game and, I think it is fair to say, are fairly obsessed about “getting it right”. Yes, you can go elsewhere and experience a collapse, exit a spiral dive and “do” a stall but, in my humble opinion, at RISE the ethos is not to “do”, but to master, to “dial in”, to repeat again and again and again, at your own speed, until you are not just comfortable with but are actually quite good at these manoeuvres; until you find yourself actually quite enjoying them. Roughly half of the students with RISE are Acro pilots who are there doing exactly this … repeating, mastering and enjoying … and the reason I feel this is so important is because arguably, it is a terrible mistake to do these things once, never repeating or practicing back home. You will loose your currency very quickly. Instead, I argue that they should be practiced just like we know that we should be practicing ground handling; many choose not to, but probably know that it would make them a better pilot. And I am not for a second suggesting that we all become Acro pilots, just that we look for opportunities when we are safe, in the right conditions, to make good decisions and to practice skills which we might one day need. I loved the RISE ethos and professionalism. I went from terrified to exhilarated and will return when I change wings. Just one opinion, but thank you RISE 🙂
Jean-François NoubelJean-François Noubel
11:10 17 May 24
I just had the greatest training I ever had, not only in acro, but in many related paragliding topics. I enjoyed the generosity, the professionalism, the quality of the teaching, the organization, and every single human being working there. I will come back. Thank you!
Doug HDoug H
10:07 13 May 24
Instead of finding words to describe the amazing experience Rise provides, I suggest that you simply join me on a course.Many thanks guys for an amazing few days and the safe learning environment.
Rhys FackrellRhys Fackrell
16:43 12 May 24
Incredible experience, delivered by a professional, experienced and exceptional team!Feeling confident and safer having been on the course. Learnt so much in a just a few days, plenty of new skills and considerations to take home! 👌🏼
Davido CamaroonDavido Camaroon
09:39 12 May 24
Great experience on SIV this week. RISE team were very professional, progressive and safe throughout
Elliott O'BrienElliott O'Brien
23:19 11 May 24
Unreserved recommendation for the RISE SIV course! The RISE crew promotes an atmosphere where you feel a part of a supportive family of pilots from the moment you sign up. The atmosphere during briefings, at launch, during manoeuvres and encouraged at landing is positive and professional. I learned so much that I'm confident will bring more safety and enjoyment to my paragliding. Thanks Cesar, Blaise and Twitty for your efforts in particular, both in coaching me and making my partner feel welcome throughout the week.
Rob MitchellRob Mitchell
19:19 11 May 24
This was just an amazing week for a first SIV which was challenging at the start of the week not knowing how the wing would respond but Theo is an incredible instructor and once through each of the manoeuvres for the first time, you can build confidence and control. The briefing and debriefing sessions were very good and you learn from the experience of others as well. An essential part of a paraglider pilots progression.
Thomas CalwayThomas Calway
06:50 06 May 24
Epic team! Beautiful location!
Philippe DonischalPhilippe Donischal
10:03 05 May 24
An incredible experience with RISE. Professionalism and skills guaranteed. Perfect and safe progression. I recommend 1000 times! Good job guys
00:10 03 Nov 23
I took the SIV course with RISE Paragliding in Oludeniz, Turkey last month and I can't recommend it enough. We each had several long flights to practice maneuvers and incident recovery over the water while on radio with an experienced instructor. My instructor Jack was excellent; he gave the right amount of information in the pre-flight briefings without overwhelming anyone. On radio he was very clear and calm and I always understood what to do.The course was well-organized and efficiently run. I found the de-briefs and nightly video analyses to be effective learning experiences. All of the instructors were very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. One of the pilots in my group was apprehensive about certain maneuvers so an instructor took him for a tandem on the last day which he really appreciated. Several of us stayed in town after our course completed and the RISE Team was still there for questions and assistance which shows the level of effort they put in even on their "Off days". This is a team that works exceptionally hard for their students and I will definitely return for another course.Thanks guys!Tony
Carla Pérez RualesCarla Pérez Ruales
16:25 13 Oct 23
The best in the world World!Incredible team, instruction of the highest level, good vibes!! I hope to come back soon. They also do it in Spanish, English or French. Thanks for everything Rise paragliding.
Yasir ShahYasir Shah
12:26 10 Oct 23
Overall, I think this was an excellent SIV clinic. My favorite part was that they did their best to give us the maximum amount of flights and instructions, even when the weather was not cooperating.
Kurt AndersonKurt Anderson
10:30 10 Oct 23
Absolutely brilliant training! You will go far beyond your own expectations. SIV training can save your life so why not go with the absolute best?
Christian brinkmannChristian brinkmann
08:21 10 Oct 23
Brilliantly constructed course. Great guys, great atmosphere, facilities and a memorable experience in a stunning location. Top job everyone
Duncan TweedDuncan Tweed
08:13 10 Oct 23
Couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to SIV than with the RISE crew.They do an amazing job at catering to you and will adapt your course as you progress to match your level. Everyone left there having accomplished so much more than they initially envisioned.Can’t recommend them enough, looking forwards to go back next year to start my acro journey with them!
Eva marantaEva maranta
08:09 10 Oct 23
Great Acro-week with Rise. Jack understands perfectly how to get out the best of you. He is as pushy as necessary so that you can reach the goals you set to yourself. I learnt a lot and his Feedbacks helped me to finally (after some desperate years) fly the heli! Thanks also to the guys on take off who did a great job! looking forward for the next trip with Rise!
Oscar Manville-HalesOscar Manville-Hales
15:59 01 Jun 23
Look no further when it comes to an SIV/Acro course. Not only are you learning from 3 of the best pilots in the sport but you're flying at one of the best flying sites in the world! Think Lewis Hamilton being your driving instructor type levels. On top of the 3 instructors there is the fantastic team on the mountain of Blaise and Twitty on take off, calming any nerves and assisting with takeoffs. There's also the legends driving you up the mountain as well as the lovely team in the Magic Tulip Beach Hotel. All around class team!I couldn't recommend these guys highly enough if you're looking to get into the sport like I am (from a paramotoring background) or looking to further develop your acro skills. My knowledge and skills went through the roof over the week and now I've come out the other side a far more confident pilot.Just an epic 2 weeks and I will be back. Cheers RISE Team!
John MillerJohn Miller
09:23 27 May 23
Can’t recommend highly enough! I’ve been flying occasional acro for years and was maybe just feeling a bit like progress was plateauing. Great coaching from the RISE team, just what I needed. there is so much I’ve taken away from these few days. Subtle changes in how to visualise manoeuvres and critique footage that have really tidied up stuff I thought I was doing ok at, to getting pushed enough to try new things and actually getting my head round them. Corks and Jokers unlocked!!Obviously these guys can fly to an incredible level but their ability to spot how to improve and give a few things to think about to make it achievable is really amazing.Overall experience great- Blaise and Twitty sorting out the best take off conditions and super nice vibe. If training Acro they will do their best to let you get some extra free runs in, think I managed 6 in a day while on the course.
Rise is simply the best paragliding school there is! They deserve more than 5 stars, for sure. Great professionals in every aspect: expertise, organization, training methodology, clarity of briefings, and overall atmosphere. I'm a vacation/weekend pilot, curious of acro but not really athletic or competitive - and the program was adjusted so well to my learning pace and skills, that I progressed to heli in a week and enjoyed every try. And I'm definitely coming back this year and will recommend Rise without any doubts
Jordan SchlipfJordan Schlipf
11:27 20 May 23
RISE exceeded all expectations! Hands down the best tution, course, organisation and pilot progression I've experienced in over a decade of flying. This is a must and will become a yearly pilgrimage as I continue to invest in my flying. See you there!
George BullardGeorge Bullard
10:28 19 May 23
The RISE team are not only fantastic pilots themselves (some of the best acro pilots in the world), they are brilliant coaches. They will keep you safe and ensure you benefit the most out of your time with them. ENJOY!
Daniel KayeDaniel Kaye
08:51 19 May 23
My second trip to Oludeniz to see the Rise team and all I can say is that I will be going back again and again and again... The team, comprised of Jack, Theo, Cesar, Blaise and Twitty go above and beyond covering all bases to ensure your time spent with them is nothing less than incredible. The instructors assess and debrief each pilot individually which really helps maximise the time spent on the course, and their passion for this sport shines through in everything they do. Thank you team x
Heather MaslowskiHeather Maslowski
23:39 18 May 23
Rise Paragliding is the company to hire for SIV/Acro training. They’re organized, professional, experienced, deliberate, and caring. I appreciated their front-end training for reserve parachute use, their launch support team, their briefings & debriefings, the HD video they take of your flight from the ground so you don’t have to wear a GoPro, their expert coaching, and the close out talk regarding post-SIV safety. At every turn, they’ve sought to perfect the business of teaching maneuvers in the safest, most efficient, and most enjoyable way.
Steen PoulsenSteen Poulsen
14:10 27 Oct 22
After having participated in many SIV course with many different SIV/ ACRO instructor, i can with confidence say that RISE Paragliding is among the top 1% when it comes to SIV and ACRO instruction… they do RISE the level for others to follow 👍😎
Stephen RavndalStephen Ravndal
09:51 27 Oct 22
You would literally have to be INSANE to take an Acro or SIV course with anybody else…Jack and Théo are the best at what they do and there is no one you’d rather have with you on launch than Blaise. The RISE team is absolutely phenomenal - I wouldn’t take a course with anyone else!
JD CutlerJD Cutler
05:55 29 May 22
RISE, is by far, the best SIV/Acro course on the market. The course is tailored to each individual for maximum confidence and progression. I am definitely a customer for life. Thèo, Jack, and Blaise are so kind and caring, and really listen to their students, and do everything they can to make sure teach person obtains everything they can and want from the course.
Toby DraxToby Drax
19:58 09 May 22
These guys are the best in the business, highly professional, great coaches and always up for a laugh too! Cannot recommend Rise paragliding highly enough. Amazing instruction with full briefs on all manoeuvres, coupled with video footage & analysis after each flight. Brilliant course, brilliant people and felt that it really progressed my flying & understanding of how to safely control my wing, whilst pushing me in areas that I needed to be pushed. Will 100% be returning to RISE for future training! Jack, Theo and Blaise are your guys and I’m already looking forward to next years course! Thanks again for an awesome week.
Lucky BovoLucky Bovo
03:28 03 Dec 21
The best Pilot trading I’ve ever experienced! Rise Paragliding is the best SIV/Acro training in the world! I can’t believe how much of a better pilot I’ve become thanks to RISE! Theo, Jack, and Blaise are providing something really special!
Rick FarringtonRick Farrington
16:34 23 Nov 21
RISE is top-notch!The coaching is technical and thorough, both before and after the flights. When I had trouble with a particular technique, Theo deftly switched to others, until he found one that worked for me (and my glider) - all this was in-flight. During my courses, I was coached through several new tricks, giving me the basis for starting to perform them on my own. I even had the thrill of experiencing Infinite, getting several rotations on my last flight.Safety is also well-considered by RISE. Amidst the sometimes-chaotic scenes at launch, Blaise was instrumental in finding each pilot a launch slot and getting us safely into the air.Finally, RISE also had the integrity to honor my reservation for almost two years, during which different COVID-related circumstances prevented me from being able to attend.I will definitely return to RISE!Remember, it is not the number of training flights, but the quality of each that truly matters.Rick Farrington
Olivia PerrymanOlivia Perryman
19:57 18 Nov 21
Amazing SIV course in Oludeniz. Very organized, I felt safe the whole time. The paragliding manouvers were tailored to my specific skill level and debriefs were very insightful. I will definitely be back! I'd recommend RISE courses to every paraglider pilot no matter your skill level.