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#thermalmonkey  Brand New for 2020 Available NOW!!!

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The All New Rise 4 – #thermalmonkey is coming!

  • Yes, this is the moment when you land and the first word that immediately comes to mind is simply “wow”. We’ve taken high-B to the next level.
  • We’re not normally ones to exaggerate, but this is really how the first flight experience feedback has been presented to us.
  • Compared to its predecessor, handling, precision and agility have stepped up, making it super-efficient for thermalling (the Rise 3 was already a market reference). Top speed and glide have also significantly increased. And as confirmed by the certification house, the passive safety is excellent for the category, contributing to the comfort in flight you have come to expect and love from AD.
  •  The Rise 4 comes with the same lightweight, yet durable material mix as the Vivo, Volt and Rise 3. Aspect ratio is a little lower than the 3, but profile is completely new. Also note that, because of the high demand for a light version of the Rise 3, we have decided and managed to manufacture a notably lighter high EN-B also, based on the Rise 4.

The All New Rise 4 Brand New for 2020! Available At Flyspain

  • When designing a new glider, the mass of numbers within the design software often doesn’t encompass everything, and whilst we always strive for excellence, we’re particularly mindful in keeping our expectations realistic.

When we flew the Rise 4 for the first time

  • We were really surprised by the increase in performance, and at the same time by the simplicity in how easy it was to fly – our first big ‘Ahah!’ moments in the development phase.

The Rise 4 has a soul inbuilt

  • Not only featuring the highest level of technical development, but with the signature of the designer standing directly behind it. We say this because of the fact that this segment of the high B market is established and proven.
  • It’s probably the most prominent category due to the fact that the majority of experienced pilots now choose to remain on a B wings due to the fact that the performance characteristics are becoming so incredible. In that, performance levels have stabilised at the pointy end, and it really now comes down to flying a glider that suits your style, feels the way you want, responds the way you love.

This is glider soul

  • Performance is important, but safety is also paramount. Well-balanced, easy to fly. Uncomplicated control. One of the pivotal changes on the Rise 4 is the reduced sink-rate. Logically, this improves the overall performance on glide, and practically; the wing floats far more efficiently, responds better to lift opportunities and therefore takes you further than ever before. Showcasing redefined collapse recovery behaviour and a higher level of stability points once again to the trademark “Comfort in flight” characteristics that our brand is synonymous for.
  • The whole package is rounded up with precision handling that now provides lighter, yet progressive brake pressure. All in all, the Rise 4 is an incredible wing and astonishing simple to fly, and we know you’ll love it!

Pilot Profile & Suitability

  • The Rise 4 is a high-end EN-B wing. Nevertheless, we were again able to make the flying characteristics well-balanced and forgiving. With the Rise 4, you can expect a very comfortable wing for this class. The Rise 4 is ideal for long cross-country flights due to its top performance at trim and under speed. The precision handling, in combination with a softer brake pressure makes extended climbs easy and requires less effort when top-landing. Additionally, you get a really fun-machine for flying in all styles of conditions. Progressing pilots will enjoy the easiness of this glider. The lightweight construction with a durable material mix makes the Rise 4 also very usable for hike&fly adventures, as the glider’s launch behaviour is just effortless.

How Does It Fly?

  • In general, very simple. Forgiving, precise, fast, stable, and performant. We have achieved a new level of synergy between performance, comfort and safety. The glider is confidence-inspiring, providing the pilot with the appropriate level of feedback based on the air around you – without the tendency to feel nervous or ‘twitchy’. The passive safety strikes higher than you would expect it in this class. In critical situations, the new Rise is simpler to control – the safety characteristics are well-balanced. We’ve improved the handling once again – now being more playful than ever. With a softer brake feel, but offering the same precision that is now featured across our entire new product range. As a result, thermalling is now even easier, and climb abilities are further improved.

Construction & Features

  • The increase in overall performance was primarily achieved via a new profile and refined inner structures, in combination with all the internal tension values, which nowadays defines cutting-edge performance design. We’ve increased cell count (from 49 to 53) for a more even profile consistency. The Rise 4 maintains our design evolution philosophy for material-optimized development, maintaining an overall low product weight. New, refined trailing edge design, featuring a brake-raff system. A newly developed riser-set with B-C control, effective throughout the entire speed range. RONSTAN ball-bearing pulley acceleration mechanism for soft and effortless speed transitions. Refined WINGLET design and VORTEX hole technology for further improved performance. Winglet Design: As seen in modern airplane technology. By applying this design feature, it enlarges the projected aspect ratio and improves performance. Moreover, it enhances directional stability.


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