Supair EONA 2



Théo’s opinion : We all start somewhere and in paragliding when you start what you need is to be able to focus on this totally new and complicated environment that is flying. You need your wing to fly by itself whether you are doing it right or not. This means you are able to focus on how to take off, how to land and how to reach B from A. The Eona2 is the kind of wing that will fly you around, think of it as your chauffeur in the sky.Whether you are doing it right or wrong, the Eona 2 guides you around the sky. You never forget your first wing.

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Thanks to its design specifically targeting pilots discovering the activity as well as those who want to progress straight out of school, the EONA 2 is the ideal wing to quickly learn the art of paragliding in a safe and fun way.


Fluor, Grass, Volcano


L, M, M-L, S, XS