Supair Sora 2



ThĂ©o’s opinion : A tandem for pros. When you fly tandem, you usually fly them so that you can share the passion for flying with others. In order to do so, you need to have a comfortable ride. That’s what the Sora2 offers, a comfortable ride. Good performance and a gentle ride, without bumping around every thermal.Your passenger won’t get air sick after just 10min of thermalling and you will be able to do some high wing overs and helicos if the passenger is in to it. The perfect tool for sharing your passion as a professional or family oriented pilot.

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The SORA 2 is a light, efficient and “easy-to-fly” glider. Aimed at facilitating the daily efforts of professionals, it is also the ideal companion for casual tandem flights.


Earth, Fire, Fluor, Ocean

Size M2

38, 42

+backpack +spreaders +carabiners

Yes, No