Instructor Update – Théo

Rise Founder and 5x Acro World Cup Champion

Théo is a household name in Paragliding, known not just for Acrobatics but also for competing in the Red Bull X-Alps, Hike and Fly, Travel Adventures and Film Production.

Currently leading the Acro World Tour we hope to see him on top of the podium again this year.

His accomplishments include:-

🏆 5 x Acro World Cup Champion

🥇 3 x French Acro Champion

🥇 3 x Acro Game Champion

What brought you to Paragliding?

My dad has been flying almost since the day I was born so I was kind of born into it, he brought me in tandem when I was 2 and half years old and became an instructor shortly after that. I started to ground handle at 6years old and had to wait to legal age of 12years old to fly by myself, which I did on the day of my 12th birthday 

This Years Goals?

Of course it will be to win the Acro World Tour, so the World Cup tour of acro paragliding. I was second last year and lost by only 0.3 points out of almost 300 so I don’t want to loose again. We will also have the World Championships at the end of the season so I’d like to win that, the last World Championships we had were the day after I came back from the X-Alps so I was definitely not ready but this year I plan to be. It’s the only competition I haven’t won in Acro and if I win it I will be the only pilot to ever win all the Acro competitions at least once. 

Favorite places?

Organya in Spain for sure, I spent a big amount of my time there, and there are no places like it, being able to fly 10 hours a day, doing over 60 to 80 runs a day is just incredible. 

When not paragliding what will you do?

I read, a lot. Probably that’s what I would do the most if not flying, I could read 12hours in a row when it’s raining and it wouldn’t bother me at all. Otherwise I spend a lot of time repairing or trimming my wing to make it better, so making lines etc… 

One piece of advice for the year ahead

FLY. Most people don’t fly enough and have high expectations, if you want to get better you need to fly. And if you are flying a lot when you come to our courses your progress is usually incredibly fast.

Théo’s latest film production