Student Focus – Mette

At Rise Paragliding we don’t have customers we have family members.
This week we introduce Mette Gere who joined our family in our first year and has returned every year since. Mette’s progress is something we’re very proud of.
We love you Mette!

You’ve trained with Rise every season, what keeps you coming back?

I first came with a Danish group for an introduction to SIV though the Danish paragliding union (DHPU). After that, it was done; I was hooked. It felt like this was what was missing in my flying at home (soaring), after my first course, I booked two more courses as soon as they were published on the website. I remember Jack writing me saying “Go you Mette! On fire with the booking”.
I just knew I wanted more of this flying, more action and more challenges. My first course was absolutely amazing with Jack on the radio, I built a lot of confidence and expanded my flying skills.
As the trips continued Türkiye and Ölüdeniz became an experience and an adventure, every time I was here it kept getting better and better. The flying, the place and most importantly the people.
I especially remember coming here one time where my whole world back home had been turned upside down. The RISE Team took incredibly good care of me, and they went from being amazing instructors to close and dear friends of mine.
This is why I keep coming back and why I will continue to do so.

This Years Goals?

For this year I’m finally ready to start working on rhythmic SAT building to the iconic infinity tumbling manoeuvre.
On my very first warm-up flight in Ölüdeniz I happened to be in the air at the same time as Théo. I got to see him do infinite for the first time right next to me in the sky, since then I was just amazed by the manoeuvre it’s so iconic! I’ve admired and watched many other pilots reach this milestone and I’m very excited to finally have reached this point myself; yes it’s incredible!!!

Where will you Paraglide this year?

This year I plan to return to Türkiye in October and I’ve joined a winch club in Denmark so I can practice acro where I live.

What harness and glider do you fly?

At the moment I fly an AirG Emilie Peace2 and the Supair Acro 4 for acro and for soaring I fly the BGD Epic.

When not Paragliding what do you do?

I love my cats, my motorbike, my paramotor, and skydiving.

One piece of Paragliding advice for the year ahead?

Don’t forget to catch the dive!

Mette has not only been a pilot we have worked with for some time now but she has become a close friend so it’s just a great pleasure to witness her journey.

Jack Pimblett