U-Turn Joker


The JOKER redefines the rules of the game – the principle of pure dynamics brings uncompromising extra power with high rotation speed back to the paragliding acrobatics. Once again it is about a new touchstone.

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The professional wing combines performance-oriented dynamics with supremely precise handling – „all it takes is a little push“. The JOKER overrides the laws and keeps up the high pressure in the canopy in between maneuvers as well. Responsible for that are the valves in the bottom sail (PBV), developed by U-Turn, in combination with the pressure-optimized geometry of the leading edge. Despite the high dynamics the JOKER has got a balanced canopy-harmony which is why the reactions are accordingly soft as well.

Size M2

16, 17, 18, 19, 20


Color 01, Color 02, Color 03